About Me

All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.

Bob Ross

My name is Madison. I am primarily a colored pencil artist, but enjoy trying other mediums as well. I began drawing when I was ten years old. I was fascinated by “how to draw” books and began checking them out from the school library every week. My drawings were not out of the ordinary- although I saw improvement with each one. I would finish, and decide that it just wasn’t realistic enough. I wanted my drawings to look more complete, and represent the subject I was trying to capture. I moved away from the books the next month and began to focus on creating my own original drawings. I learned all the preliminary techniques I would need, and slowly began to see improvement. On my eleventh birthday, I received my first set of professional colored pencils, and that took my work to a whole new level. I began focusing more and more on rendering things the way I saw them in the reference and nature, focusing on proportional accuracy, color harmony, and creating depth. My work continued to improve, and I was becoming increasingly satisfied with the results. I sold my first portrait at the age of twelve, and from there have continued to improve the quality of my work, and discover more techniques and methods for improving my drawings and paintings even more.

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